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BMW X6 xDrive 30d put to the test: 2,260 kilograms skilfully concealed

With the X6, BMW established the SUV Coupé segment – and they have noticeably enhanced the vehicle's character in the second generation. We put it to the test.

BMW X6 xDrive 30d put to the test 4 1

When BMW appeared around the corner with the X6 in 200, there was even a little internal vociferation in opposition to the concept of the SUV Coupé. The admonishers quickly fell silent, and the competition little by little transformed into copycats. The second generation of the original has now arrived. Even more concise, with a steeper front and more verve at the back. Under the hood in any case: even the basic diesel with 254 HP marches on with power and sophistication, assisted by the exceptional eight-speed automatic transmission.

BMW X6 with 560 Nm at 1,500 rpm

The quickly reacting, variable all-wheel drive ensures top traction and optimises the handling. For a 2,260-kilogram beast with a high centre of gravity, the X6 zooms rather briskly along winding country roads, carving its way out of tight bends with 560 Newton metres of torque. Of course there are more agile models, but only the select few have the drive dynamics to conceal their supposed corpulence so skilfully, with the precise steering also playing its part.

BMW has also done some work in the interior, improving the overall impression and installing new instruments and ambient lights. Multimedia? Right at the front, including music streaming. So as to drown out any remaining admonishers.



Beate Jeske


26 July 2015
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