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Infiniti Q70 2.2 D Sport in the individual test: Far-Eastern charm with Swabian heart

V6 diesel out, four-cylinder in: as part of its facelift, the large Japanese saloon received a new basic engine – from Mercedes. Test.

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What sort of a...?", asks my otherwise so well informed neighbour. "Doesn't look at all bad, but a little random." Even the brand logo on the nak of the car fails to shed any more light. This is how it is when you come up against the much more widespread local VIPS in Germany with five dealerships and models and at the year-end can only report 1,015 sales to the Japanese head office. During the same period, the Mercedes E-Class alone had 44,351 buyers in the country.

So one for the individualists, this Infiniti Q70, which, under the name M, had already positioned itself with generous equipment and a hybrid option in 2010. Now the new name gets an elevated front section and a smaller diesel engine with 168 HP from partner company Mercedes, which reduces the entry level price from 52,300 to 44,500 Euros – so about the same as an E 220 Bluetec with the same engine costs, but with automatic transmission as standard, and LED lights and many additional extras for around 10,000 Euros.

The decision to forego the previous three-litre V6 diesel from Renault doesn't hit too hard, since the OM-651 four-cylinder offers sufficient power and smooth running to propel the 1,844 kg Infiniti Q70 in duly relaxed fashion. At just 1,600 rpm, the torque plateau of 400 Nm is already reached, and the seven-speed automatic transmission conceals the preceding minor turbolag with converter slip. However, the test consumption lies just under three litres above the NEFZ consumption value, and the conversion to urea injection and compliance with the Euro-6 standard will only follow in the Autumn.

The Infiniti Q70 2.2 D Sport is 4.95 metres long

On the other hand, the 4.95-metre-long rear-wheeler is already distributing its unagitated and dignified old-school charm now: unshakeable, impeccably designed interior, clearly displayed instruments, intuitive operation. In addition to this, the Q70 has pleasantly firm suspension, corners safely and brakes well, however, is not particularly dynamic. And why should it be? It is an oasis of calm in restless times, a big brother in the traditional sense, that raadiates protection, trust and serenity.
Yes, that is the type of car this is.



Rossen Gargolov


27 May 2015
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