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Reporters’ 2015 Christmas Wishlist: Please, Father Christmas...

If you spend your whole year writing about cars, you’re fairly certain of what you want Santa Claus to leave under the tree for you at the end of it. Enjoy the auto motor und sport reporters’ Christmas wishlist!

Our office is rather diverse when it comes to tastes, and these are our personal dream cars from 2015's assorted releases. One wants a Mazda MX-5, the other wants the Italian copy. One loves pizza, the other craves sushi. SUV or never ever? Mercedes GLE Coupé or maybe a more understated estate from Alpina? The powerful Lamborghini Aventador SV or a low-weight Lotus?

See what our reporters would have if they could in our gallery! Merry Christmas!



Tobias Grüner


20 December 2015
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