Fast and Furious 7: Skydiving-car scene is not a fake at all

Fast and Furious 7 comes to our cinemas this spring. Remember this while watching the already shown skydiving-car scene: There was a bit of CGI, of course, but most of it was damn real. And here's how they pulled it off.

If there are cars driving off a plane with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker behind the wheel, it’s obviously on a scene from the world’s greatest car-featuring blockbusters – Fast and Furious. Episode 7 will be Paul Walker’s last movie for the very good reason you already know.

Meanwhile the most discussed scene on the internet is the one with cars jumping off a military transport-plane on purpose. And which lunatic would have thought: “Well, that scene is real. Who wouldn’t throw a real Dodge Charger out of a flying plane at high altitude?”

They did, actually. This scene must have been damn expensive, but the producers tell us in the video below not only how they’ve done the stunt, but also why there’s need for a risky scene like this:




19 March 2015
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