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Junkyard to auction house: This Ferrari Enzo was a write-off!

Back in 2006, this Ferrari Enzo smashed into a telephone pole at over 250 km/h. The engine, gearbox, rear axle, wheels and bodywork was strewn across the highway. The car was nothing but scrap. Almost ten years later, it celebrates its resurrection with an auction, where it should sell for millions.

This story begins like a motoring horror film, and ends with tears of joy. It almost sounds too good to be true. But it’s as true as the fact that black is darker than white. Especially the black of the Nero Daytona coloured bodywork of this Ferrari Enzo, which carries the chassis number 135564.

Ferrari Enzo hits telephone pole at over 250 km/h

First of all, the heart-rending opening part of the story. It’s February 2006. The shot pans over a highway in Malibu, the Ferrari Enzo tearing across the landscape at over 250 km/h (apparently without necessary US road approval). Then, the driver loses control, and the V12 supercar smacks into a telephone pole and breaks into smithereens. The rear axle and wheels, the engine, gearbox and bodywork are strewn across the area, which now resembles a plane crash site. Less than half of the 4.702 m long Enzo remained in one piece. It was simultaneously a catastrophe and a miracle: nobody was killed, as the carbon strengthened passenger compartment held out, protecting those inside.

The Swede Stefan Eriksson, found at the scene, blamed a certain “Dietrich” for the accident. Eriksson claimed he was merely a passenger in a race between the Enzo and a Mercedes SLR McLaren. However the blood on the Swede’s lip matched the blood on the driver airbag. The conclusion: Eriksson was the driver.

Neither one story nor the other helped the destroyed Enzo. The result was the same. The supercar lay on its deathbed, or rather, was already knocking at Heaven’s door, with St Peter already turning the doorknob to let it in.

Scrap Enzo – now in black

But Ferrari didn’t want to be separated from one of its 400 Enzos. This is where the nice part of the story begins – the second miracle, so to say. Ferrari’s Technical Assistance Service picked up the Enzo, which rolled out of the factory in 2004, and transported it back to Maranello. Centimetre by centimetre, the 660 BHP sports car was pieced back together by the Ferrari mechanics: a mammoth undertaking.

But they managed it. Almost ten years later, the obliterated Enzo rolled out of the garage and towards the auction house. On 3 February 2016, the supercar will be auctioned at RM Auctions in Paris. In a twist of irony, the car that hammered into a telephone pole will now see a hammer of another kind. The guide price for the Enzo, certified as a classic by Ferrari, lies between 1.5 and 2 million euros.

Instead of the original “Rosso Corsa” body colour, the Enzo is now dressed all in black. The bucket seats, however, are in their typical red. Satellite navigation, a reversing camera and a Bose stereo system all belong to its “kit”. What’s more, the Enzo has only 2,500 km on the clock. When it comes to resurrections however, that’s of little importance.

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24 January 2016
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