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Ghe-O Motors Rescue and Fire Fighter: Romanian rescue monsters

Radical approach: made from material for rock-hard competition vehicles, a Romanian prestige off-road vehicle manufacturer is building spectacular rescue vehicles

The fact that this idea comes from Eastern Europe is barely surprising. Robert Oprea and Cristian Vlad of Ghe-O Motors have a gigantic off-road paradise, to which the European off-road scene travels with similar enthusiasm to the US off-road freaks making pilgramages to Moab or the Rubicon Trail.

A toy for the big boys

Anyone with a playground like this will want to make sure they have a fitting toy. In the case of Ghe-O Motors these are typical off-road buggies , as now used at the majority of hardcore competitions in the USA: huge wheels, huge engine, latticed tubular frame and few timid panels and the off-road monster is finished.
One of these is the Ghe-O Motors Predator 380BHP, the type designation gives away exactly what the V8 engine is capable of delivering when required. In any case, this is enough to have all four wheels spinning simultaneously, which is saying something given the 44-inch Super Swamper tyres.
The Warrior 500BHP offers even more, as the name once again suggests. With a GM LS3-V8 taken from the Corvette, it has the air shaking, with all-wheel steering, just about infinite axle articulation, differential locks and two hoisting winches, it is the ultimate tool for that big trip into the wilderness.

Ghe-O Motors Fire Fighter

At the same time, the Ghe-O Motors Warrior also forms the basis for the "Fire Fighter", which the Romanian off-road specialists have now introduced.  As a command vehicle, it is designed to transport its two-man crew to the most secluded areas as quickly as possible, where they can then coordinate operations – even though the on-board extinguishing water reservoir, with a capacity of 250 litres, is only suitable for limited fire-fighting efforts.

The Ghe-O Rescue, which Ghe-O Motors designed for a crew of up to eleven men, has an additional 400 litres on board. Alternatively, the Ghe-O Rescue can be kitted out as a rescue vehicle with the corresponding emergency medical equipment and the capacity to transport those injured. At 5.2 metres long, 2.7 metres wide and 2.4 metres tall, a Hummer H1 looks like a compact alongside the Ghe-O Rescue. 

Ghe-O Rescue for up to eleven men

The Ghe-O Rescue, weighing 3.2 tonnes unladen, can be fitted with either petrol or diesel engines that produce up to 492 HP. The rigid axles of course feature differential locks, and hoisting winches at the front and back help in particularly hairy situations when even the gigantic swamp tyres can't go any further. The air pillows that can be mounted to thee rims are a special feature of the Ghe-O Rescue: once inflated, they provide sufficient buoyancy both in deep snow and in water, thus making for greater headway.
Ghe-O hasn't get given anything away regarding the prices, which depend highly on the respective modifications. Ghe-O Motors provided an indication at the Messe Abenteuer Allrad (All-Wheel Adventure Trade Fair) in 2012. There, three competitive models were on offer at prices ranging from 45,000 to 85,000 Euros – as used vehicles

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Ghe-O Motors


27 March 2015
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