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HPerformance spices up the Audi TT RS (8J): Finally, a TT for the track

Some might complain about the racing car shaped hole in Audi's portfolio. Not HPerformance. Using an old 8J series Audi TT RS, they've built a racer that promises to wow even the most hard-to-impress petrolhead, thanks in part to a high performance racing chassis.

The Audi TT RS has never been slow. But it could also never claim to be a go-to of the track junky. Tuning company HPerformance from Osterburken near Heilbronn set out to change that, turning the 8J series TT RS into a very different beast indeed.

510 BHP, 5 Cylinder Audi TT RS "Clubsport"

The differences are immediately apparent when opening the bonnet. The series version of the TT RS squeezes 340 BHP out of the 2.5 litre turbocharged five-cylinder engine. The TT RS Plus manages an impressive 360 BHP. But HPerformance's "Clubsport" edition leaves both for dust. The South German tuning company coax 510 BHP out of the engine, and 690 Nm of torque, putting it squarely in GT3 territory.

To achieve this, HPerformance has worked with the company "MRT Performance" in adapting the engine control unit to the upgraded hardware. And upgraded it is: A new HPXT530 turbocharger, a bigger intercooler, and a 90mm wide intake pipe.

New spark plugs and a stronger high pressure pump for fuel injection up the performance of the motor itself. For the perfect accompanying soundtrack to all this new performance, a specially developed exhaust system has been fitted. Sadly, our German friends won't be able to drive the "Clubsport" on the road; the new exhaust system isn't road legal there.

New Parts for New Lap Records

Anybody can tell you: a big engine isn't the only factor in play when it comes to setting blazing lap times. More important than raw power is the ability to stop quickly. HPerformance has fitted the "Clubsport" with a racing brake assembly from Movit, with 370mm and 342mm discs front and back respectively, to give this beast serious stopping power.

The chassis has been modified too; a KW threaded suspension kit with uniball strut bearings will really up performance on the racing circuit. Uniball bearings are currently a big topic in the tuning world; instead of rubber parts, which have a dampening effect, teflon coated bearings are used to increase the stiffness and precision of the chassis. This does have some pretty disastrous consequences for ride comfort, and as a result uniball bearings are only seen on dedicated racing cars.

Carbon fibre parts, of which there are a lot on HPerformance's Audi TT RS, are becoming increasingly common on road cars. The same cannot be said for the dive planes fitted to the wheel arches of the "Clubsport". These redirect air over the arches and generate downforce. Additional downforce is provided by a splitter up front, and a spoiler at the back, in order to increase grip.

Audi TT RS "Clubsport" by HPerformance: Price

You may wish to sit down for this. The tuning package alone will set you back 50,000€. You haven't got a TT RS to tune? Don't worry, you can buy the already tuned car, as seen in our gallery, for a tidy 90,000 €. We'll leave you to decide for yourself if it's worth it.




Jordi Miranda


23 September 2015
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