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IAA 2015 Highlights: The star performers of this year's IAA

The IAA 2015 officially opens its doors on the 17th September, but we have been seeing announcements from the big car brands flooding in left, right, and centre over the last few weeks. In this article, AMS-Mag gives you the inside track on this year’s IAA.

Amongst all the grand reveals and announcements, it’s apparent that something, or rather someone, is missing. In a bid to cut marketing expenses, Volvo will no longer be making an appearance at the IAA. Luckily, most other car manufacturers will be presenting themselves at this year’s exhibition. It goes almost without saying that all German manufacturers will be represented. In keeping with tradition, they will be unveiling a plethora of new models and developments that will make the IAA 2015 in Frankfurt one to remember.

Amongst this year’s highlights is the new generation Audi A4, whose minimal aesthetic changes belie the massive amount of new tech hiding beneath. Volkswagen’s second generation Tiguan will make its debut at the IAA. XL and coupé versions of VW’s 4x4 will also make an entrance. Another crowdpuller for VW will be the new T6, which promises to cause serious upset for Mercedes’ V Class.

Porsche premieres revamped 911

Mercedes will showcase the new cabriolet version of the S Class, as well as the new C Coupé and C Cabrio, both of which will be markedly bigger than the C Class Saloon. Fans of the three-pointed star will also get to see the facelifted A Class at this year’s IAA in Frankfurt.

Also making the journey from Stuttgart is Porsche, who are sure to be on everybody’s must-see list, as the 911 facelift will be making its first appearance. The new Carrera is sure to ruffle some feathers, with the announcement that the iconic sports car will no longer be available with a naturally aspirated engine. Future 911s will only come turbocharged.

BMW unveils the new 7 Series

The Bavarians will be showcasing the new 7 Series this year. With upgraded performance, improved comfort and updated looks, the luxury BMW intends to leave the Mercedes S Class in a cloud of dust. In addition, BMW will be revealing a revamped X1, before the compact SUV makes the switch to front wheel drive in 2016. News too for fans of the X4: BMW will be unveiling a high performance M version of the sporty 4x4.

So what else can we expect at the IAA this year?

Bentley will be presenting the Bentayga SUV, Alfa will showcase the new Giulia, and Opel will unveil the new Astra. Kia will also be making an appearance with the new Optima, and Infiniti will demonstrate the Q30.

You'll find further highlights of this year's IAA in Frankfurt in our photo gallery.


Stefan Baldauf / Guido ten Brink


15 September 2015
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