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Inkas Huron APC: School bus for Mad Max

So you would like to travel with your mates, but outside the world is coming to an end? We have the perfect car for you... The Inkas Huron APC has tonnes of space and a few extravagant equipment details.

Reversing camera? Every small car has that nowadays. But a pivoting front camera with windscreen wipers and an LED floodlight – that is actually something special. The driver of the Inkas Huron APC can thus still control the apocalyptic MPV by sight when it is really stormy or even when the roof edge is peeping out as the vehicle drives through a river.

The Inkas Huron APC from Canada

The Huron APC was built by the specialist Canadian company Inkas, which armours practically any vehicle with wheels and an engine. From the mid-size Toyota Camry saloon to the Bentley Mulsanne. SUVs, off-roaders, pick-ups, buses, trucks – Inkas armours them all. Inkas builds the Inkas Huron APC (the abbreviation stands for armoured personnel carrier) based on a medium-weight Kenworth truck.

Beneath the armoured hood lies a six-cylinder diesel from Paccar, the power from which is regulated by a ten-speed Allison manual transmission. If in doubt, the Inkas Huron APC is reported to reach a speed of 140 km/h. 16 travel companions can make themselves "comfortable" on the folding benches inside the structure, as after all, a generously dimensioned air-conditioning system ensures they all keep a cool head.

The Inkas Huron APC is equipped with an automatic tyre-filling system,which can be operated from the cockpit. Numerous additional LED headlights ensure sufficient visibility, and if the chosen route ever turns out to be too ambitious, the Inkas Huron can pull itself out of a mess thanks to the on-board winch. From prices of around 400,000 Dollars plus tax, the Inkas Huron is certainly an investment, and it can even cost a few Dollars more in the case of special requests. However, it is recommended that you first become a minister or police chief – unlike the rest of the brand's models, Inkas does not sell the Huron to civilians.

Autorenbild Torsten Seibt



INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing


30 March 2015
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