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Lego Ideas: Building Block Brilliance

Who didn’t play with Lego as a child? Turning those little interlocking blocks into houses, spaceships, racing cars; creating a real world replica of your imagination.

Brainiacs with Bricks

Admittedly, ones own fantasy played a big role: to some, your prized Ferrari 250 GTO looked more like a crude red toaster with wheels. But there are people out there that are truly gifted, turning those little bricks into masterpieces. Lego realised this and capitalised on it, launching the online community “Lego Ideas”. Self-professed Lego master-craftsmen can use the platform to show off their designs, with other users able to vote for them. Anybody that manages to rack up more than 10,000 fans has their project sent to the Lego Review Board. Designers and market experts then evaluate the models for their market suitability. If they pass this stage, Lego commits to producing and selling the model as a kit. Designers that see their model go to market not only receive honour but also royalties from sales of their set.

Become a Lego car designer!

The library, the titanic, and the countless monsters and dinosaurs are all well and good. But the real talent belongs to the car designers. We’ve collected a few of our favourites in our slideshow. Maybe you'll be inspired to share your own creations!


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15 September 2015
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