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Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733 6x6: Millionaire mobile for Mongolia

Two friends from Ulan Bator have had the ultimate off-road mobile homes built. The basis for the vehicle: the Mercedes Zetros. The wish for a highly off-road-capable two-bedroom apartment has been fulfilled.

Life as a very wealthy individual can also involve a few hardships. For example, a residence in Ulan-Bator, right in the middle of Mongolia and more than 7,000 kilometres as the crow flies from the Côte d'Azur. A decent yacht is literally a far cry away. So, two friends from the Mongolian capital, one a brewery-owner and the other a coal and copper mine operator, opted for a six-wheel option and commissioned the building of "Land Yachts", as befitting their social status: two almost identically equipped Mercedes Zetros 6x6 with all of the creature comforts that a man could need on extended hunting trips in the Altai Mountains.

Mercedes Zetros: two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom

Two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, highly off-road-capable: this is the result of the expensive conversion performed by two companies, Alsfeld-based Hartmann  (development) and Neukirchen-based Huenerkopf (expansion). The front area houses the living room, with a leather suite providing seating for six people, which can also be converted into a bed for surprise guests – by means of a hydraulically lowering table.

The bedroom is located to the rear of the structure, while the adjacent bathroom with marble flooring and under-floor heating provide the necessary comfort. In order to avoid being entirely cut off from modern life while in the vast Mongolian countryside, a satellite antenna is automatically aligned, delivering a TV programming on two flatscreens (40 and 46 inches), while a satellite-supported WLAN router provides a suitable Internet connection.

Kitchen with all of the mod cons

As befitting the owners' social status, the kitchen is equipped with a ceramic stove, microwave, grill, fridge-freezer, and most importantly, a bar. An on-board diesel generator provides the power, supplying four storage batteries with 220 Ah each. It also powers the air conditioning system, which can be separately controlled for each room. There are separate water systems for drinking and service water, with a total volume of around 250 litres. The drinking water runs through a water filter. A separate pump can be used for the filling of the water reserve, for example from streams.

The three-axle Zetros is fitted with the 7.2-litre OM 926 LA diesel engine, which produces 322 HP and 1,300 Newton metres of torque. With a nine-speed transmission including a crawler gear, off-road gear reduction, permanent all-wheel drive and three differential locks, the two friends are also well equipped for their planned trips to the Gobi desert. A diesel reserve of 500 litres ensures the vehicle can cover the required range – Mongolia is four times the size of Germany, but with 2.7 million inhabitants is the most sparsely populated country in the world. And in the unlikely case that the traffic ever backs up at all, a compressed air fanfare and flashing blue and red warning lights ensure that other road users maintain a respectful distance.


19 April 2015
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