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Mercedes G-Class Tuning: The phattest Tuning Gs

Endless power and a spoiler to boot: the Mercedes G is the darling of the tuning sector. We present the most driven models.

Anyone who buys a new Mercedes G isn't too concerned about minding their pennies. Even the S-Class from Mercedes is cheaper than the boxy off-roader, which has long held cult status. In keeping with the price level, the former casual outdoorsman has now developed cult status, which its owners "wear" like a Rolex.

Tuning makes the Mercedes G even more exclusive

The fact alone that the majority of the current Mercedes G-Class' are sold with an AMG engine – a base price of 139,765 or 268,345 Euros for the G 63 AMG and G 65 AMG respectively – speaks volumes. Only in the rarest of cases do these cars drive where their developers actually intended, that is, off-road. Instead they park in front of trendy hangouts or populate the traffic in major cities, primarily in the eastern hemisphere. After having snorted in a little tuning air.

Those who have the spare change and wish to broadcast this fact can of course call in the appropriate tuners, who can make the valuable G a bit more valuable and exclusive again. Even when faced with the "ultimate" G model, the G 63 6x6 AMG, there is not stopping them, with the huge G causing absolute hype among the Mercedes tuners and their wealthy customer base right from the outset. With the special edition series having now run out, the vehicel converters are once again focusing on the regular model.

In our image gallery we present the most driven Tuning Gs with a brief description provided for each.

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13 June 2015
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