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Modern Rally Legends: New cars, old look

How would the cars of yesteryear look on the basis of today's cars? From the safari 911 to the Audi TT in Quattro look, we show you modern cars re-imagined with those legendary looks of their ancestors.

The rally scene has been suffering a continual loss of spectatorship over the last few years. The golden years of this off-road sport are long gone. Many fans think back to the era of Group B and the Dakar Rallies of Northern Africa wistfully.

Back then, the cars were wild and dangerous. The pilots were celebrated as heroes, and countless manufacturers provided colourful competition. Nowadays, the VW Polo runs rings around the few remaining competitors. The sport has lost its adventurous character.

Rally legends in new look

In order to remind you of the good old times, British website carwow.co.uk undertook an exciting experiment. A digital graphic designer was commissioned to recreate the look of the legendary racers of days gone by using today's model ranges of the corresponding manufacturers.

The results are to be seen: the Audi S1 E2 is reawakened in the form of a modern TT. The Lancia Stratos is reincarnated as the modern Delta. And the Ford RS 200 from 1983 returns to the gravel track as the wide-bodied Mustang. Even the legendary "Red Sow" from Mercedes and the Dakar Rolls Royce from 1981 get reborn with new looks.

View these crazy homages to those rallying heroes in our image gallery.




15 January 2016
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