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The most valuable car brands: Toyota fends off German competition

Toyota has in 2015 once again been crowned the most valuable car brand. This is according to the current Brandz study, which examined the 100 most valuable brands. The Japanese brand can’t rest on its laurels; the Germans are biting at their heels.

In terms of brand value, car manufacturers are middle of the pack. According to the study, they cannot hope to compete with the technology giants such as Apple ($247 bn), Google ($173 bn) and Microsoft ($115 bn).

Toyota pips BMW & Mercedes to the post

In the Top 100 Brands ranking, Toyota is the highest placed automobile company, in 30th place. The value of the brand lies in the region of $28.9 billion. BMW is the highest placed German car manufacturer in 34th place with a value of $26.3 billion. Mercedes also managed it into the top 50. Its value of $21.7 billion allowed it to snatch 43rd place.

Further down the ranking is Honda in 78th place with a value of $13.3bn, Ford in 80th with $13.1bn, and Nissan in 93rd with $11.4bn. Volkswagen failed to make the top 100, registering a brand value of $9.2bn. This has nothing to do with the emissions scandal or the drop in sales. The study examines merely the metrics directly associated with a brand. As such, recognition and the meaning of a brand are just as important, if not more so than current affairs and state of business.




11 October 2015
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