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Paul Heavy Mover HM 80: The colossus from Passau

Simply huge: a Lower Bavarian company builds a 641 HP monster truck for use on oil fields and in mining.

From far away the Paul Heavy Mover HM 80 6x6 still looks to some extent normal. However, anyone who approaches the monster or sees how it tows a full load of gravel (see image gallery) as if it were a Bobby Car will come to realise the actual dimensions of this all-wheel giant.

Heavy Mover: a lorry in XXL format

The Paul Heavy Mover is 3.5 metres wide, and thus from the outset has not been approved for road use. Instead the specialist company from Passau builds it for really difficult jobs in the most unwelcoming regions around the world. Mining companies feature among those on the Heavy Mover's customer list. It's name speaks for itself: it moves heavy loads.

With an unladen weight of up to 29 tonnes, the Heavy Mover is offered in four weight classes, with which a total weight of up to 80 tonnes can be transported – in actual use, it may well actually be much more than this. The chassis, with the cabin borrowed from the Mercedes Actros makes it really wide: the tyre dimensions of 29.5x25 require such a large wheel housing that on the first level, you can practically walk around the cabin on a footbridge. The almost two-metre tall tyres – one of which alone, without rims, weighs almost 600 kilos – are normally used on mining vehicles. For the two largest versions of the Heavy Mover even larger 875/65 R29 tyres are used.

V8 with a 16-litre capacity

The Heavy Mover is always powered by Mercedes 502 LA truck diesel. The V8 engine with its 15.9-litre capacity is available in a Euro-3 and a Euro-5 version and is offered in three different performance levels ranging from 562 to 641 HP, with respective torque values of 2,400, 2,700 or 3,000 Newton metres depending on the engine. In the 602 HP version (2,400 Nm) the Heavy Mover is available as an automatic with a seven-speed Allison torque converter transmission. The gear shift variants have an automatic 16-speed transmission from Mercedes. The transfer gearbox and all axles of the Heavy Mover feature differential locking.

As standard, the Heavy Mover can be used in areas with external temperatures ranging from -25 to 50 degrees, although an expansion package makes it fit for genuine cold of as low as -40 degrees. Alongside chassis variants to transform the vehicle into a dumper or supply vehicle, Paul also supplies the Heavy Mover as a semi-trailer tractor– with a max. trailer load of up to 50 tonnes.

If, on this basis, you are now dreaming of creating an expeditions mobile home in XXL, you shouldn't bother pursuing the thought any further: at almost twelve metres long, 3.5 metres wide and four metres high, the Heavy Mover has a turning circle of 37 metres. Excursion areas in which these dimensions can be manoeuvred without cold-forming are rare. And: with an approved maximum speed of 65 km/h the journey would likely take a little longer than usual.

Autorenbild Torsten Seibt



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24 February 2015
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