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Red Bull’s Pimped Land Rover: Stealth Party Tank

Red Bull has rebuilt an old Land Rover 130 as a mean black stealth machine. Beneath the armoured exterior, you'll find top of the range sound tech. This means there is virtually nowhere left on Earth that you can't throw a mental party! We've got the photos.

Red Bull is famous for mad minds full of mad ideas. But this four-wheeled monstrosity, built by the energy drink manufacturer, tops everything. The Austrians have rebuilt a Land Rover 130 as an armoured party vehicle. There isn't a trace of the old bodywork. The truck brings to mind the lovechild of the A-Team van and a stealth bomber.

Red Bull turns old Land Rover into a party truck

You could probably use this four-wheel drive monster to safely transport the gold reserves of your average country! Or dispose of a nuclear weapon inside its hull, safe in the knowledge that nothing can get in or out! But Red Bull has created this oddity for one purpose and one purpose alone: to bring parties to the furthest flung reaches of the planet!

Inside the welded metal body, you’ll fine only the very best stereo equipment. The corrugated metal roof houses a retractable DJ booth, allowing the DJ to spin and mix 3 metres above the rest of the party around the truck. The truck also houses a massive flatscreen and an even more massive speaker system.

Stealth monster in matte black

Originally, the truck was meant to be painted in the blue of Red Bull’s Formula 1 car. Then, at the last minute, the designers opted for the matte black finish you see in front of you. Red Bull’s stealth Land Rover doesn’t have an official name yet. The unofficial name currently used by Red Bull is “Go Anywhere Party Starter”.

Be it a beach, a forest, or someone’s back garden, this event truck will turn any location into a crazy party venue. Check out the gallery for the first pictures of this truck.


Red Bull


24 November 2015
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