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US Specialty Vehicles Rhino: Apocalyptic colossus with a V10

SUV with the appearance of an armoured team bus – at USSV a fullsize pickup has been transformed into an angular apocalyptic colossus with a 6.8-litre V10.The basis on which it is formed:

Among the F-Series Ford pickups, the Ford F-Series Super Duty is the version for real men: now even bigger than before, with dual tyres at the rear and up to 6.7 metres long depending on the version. Thus a beautiful mountain of a car, but clearly too inconspicuous for some. For it is on the basis of this medium-weight truck, the company US Specialty Vehicles are building an off-road giant that renders you speechless with its violent appearance.

USSV Rhino – 2.5 metres wide

The Ford F-Series, still the most built pickup of all time, is also offered in the Super Duty series purely as a chassis, on which motor homes are built,for example – in Europe we are aware of this concept, from the Fiat Ducato or Mercedes Sprinter for instance. US Specialty Vehicles or USSV for short, a Californian vehicle converter, builds the Rhino GX on this basis, and the name says it all. The Rhinocerous makes use of the Super Duty Series F 450/550, which generally features a dual-tyre rear axle.

However, because these dual tyres often result in a slightly sluggish appearance, at USSV they decided to make use of a trick: only the outer wheels are mounted at the back and wheel spacers are installed at the front axle in order to make the track gauge the same as at the back. As a result the USSV Rhino is also a hefty 96 inches wide at the front. To save you doing the maths, that is 2.44 metres. Without wing mirrors. USSV pack an angular body in the shape of a troop carrier onto the frame.

Not armoured, but with plenty of edges

In spite of the aggressive appearance, the new structure of the USSV Rhino is made entirely from normal metal sheeting and is not armoured. As a result the owner is spared the drive-dynamically suspect excess weight of a bulletproof structure, but at the same time maximum presence is guaranteed when out and about in public.

The 2.26-metre high and 6.10-metre long USSV Rhino GX stands on huge off-road tyres: 38x15.5 R 20 is the format, which simultaneously raises the ground clearance to a sufficient level – by no means insignificant given the 3.6-metre wheelbase. In order to get the huge wheels moving with corresponding holding pressure, USSV relies on a ten-cylinder enginer: the V10 relies on engine capacity rather than turbo. From its 6.8-litre capacity, the Modular Series Ford engine produces a comfortable 357 HP, but also a bear-like 620 Newton metres of torque. The V10 is managed by a five-speed automatic, fed from a 151-litre tank.

Thus far, there has been no mention of price from USSV, and the inner workings of the Rhino GX are still off-limits for the public. However, the cockpit will - this much is clear - be based on the platform-donating Ford F-Series and it is certainly expected to by appropriately sophisticated, with plenty of plush fabric, leather and entertainment electronics.

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US Specialty Vehicles


29 April 2015
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