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Use air-conditioning in winter: Sensible or senseless waste of petrol?

Air-conditioning is the driver's best friend during heat. Their use in the winter - that sounds like refrigerator in the Arctic. What sense it makes to also use during the cold time of year.

Using air conditioning in the winter sounds somewhat strange at first. The system is actually created for cooling the interior of a car at high temperatures - as in the summer. Of course, in the cold season, it doesn't make sense to use the cooling function. But the air-conditioning is capable of more.

Use air-conditioning in the winter and prevent damage.

First, it makes sense to turn the air conditioning on in the winter to check the function of the device as such and to extend the life. If the air conditioner is operated only in the summer, the device could rust so to speak necessitating an expensive repair. Through a regular operation, however, it can be ensured that, for example, the seals and the compressor are lubricated.

Caution for fungus

There is also the risk that mould forms by the accumulation of moisture when the air-conditioning is not used for a longer period and spreads the odour throughout the entire car when the air-conditioning is activated again. To prevent such a fungus, it is also advisable to let the fan run a short time after switching off the unit. This has the effect that the moisture is expelled from the unit.

Last but not least, air-conditioning is a useful tool against fogged windows/screens in the car in the winter. Background: The system not only heats up the air, but also dries it without the temperature of blown air having to be warm. It you sit in your car with a jacket on for short distances, you may want to get rid of the moisture that is deposited on the windows/screens, without turning the heating on full bottle.


18 December 2014
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