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Brabus 700 6x6 undergoes the road test: At the end of the day...

…all that matters is that you arrive. Essentially, this is all that need be said of the 690 HP colossus, which yells at you with a raspy hiss: there is nothing that we cannot do!

If, on a horrible Winter night, he needed to bring a sick child to a far off hospital, his old 911 would be the car of choice, a colleague once wrote. Perfect adjustment for practically every corner in Germany, granted. But what do you do if you don't have an old 911 at your disposal, when it comes to pushing through and getting to your destination? Mercedes, caught in precisely this precarious situation, fell back on its for decades proven G-Model, when it decided to create the ultimate all-rounder on wheels: the G became the King Cabin Pickup with four individual seats and the loading surface extended to 5.80 metres, and the vehicle placed on three portal axles for a ground clearance of 46 centimetres and a wading depth of 100 centimetres. Proven technology, for the Australian military has already been using monsters like this for years.

The Brabus 700 with an unladen weight of four tonnes

Armed to the teeth with five differential locks, a reduction gear unit, rugged all-terrain tyres and its own on-board compressed air supply for adjusting the tyre pressure to suit the current terrain, the G 63 AMG 6x6 is ready for pretty much any task that you can think of that might possible occur between (in the Ruhr Region) and Bakal (in the Western shade of the southern Ural Mountains). If this machine cannot go any further, only tracked vehicles, swimming cars or a helicopter can help you. The 5.4-litre AMG V8 biturbo with 537 HP shift the unladen weight, which has been increased to four tonnes, with extreme confidence. It completes the Swiss Army Knife on wheels, that you would be glad outside your house as a getaway car in the event of the apocalypse - or for a family excursion to the idyllic open-cast lignite mines.

Granted, it has been long in the making. But this car really isn't a self-explanatory piece of engineering, like the Golf for example. But no the Brabus 700 6x6 comes into play: the tuner with the license for the superlative remains true to itself and again goes one step further, as if this monster with a list price of 451,010 Euros were not already strange enough. The installation of the proven B63S-700 V8 biturbo from the Bottrop engine range transforms the Mercedes into the Brabus 700 6x6, which, thanks to the new turbo charger, thicker downpipes and more porous catalytic converters, throws 690 HP into the lap. It also casually shakes 960 Newton metres from its sleeves before the electronic limiting kicks in. However, the drive train cannot maintain this in the long term, this is something the Brabus knows. Oh yes: the B63S-700 increases the base price by 17,731 Euros, but not the top speed. It remains limited to 160 km/h, and its a good thing too.

Wide-eyed in disbelief

It's not enough that the sheer dimensions of the three-axle car require careful steering: from well below 100 km/h it becomes evident that the rugged 37-inchers and the granite-heavy rigid axles don't take the need to keep on a straight too seriously. The 2.10-metre wide load of the Brabus 700 6x6 itself appears to sway slightly, even on a level road surface, and the irritating steering with its very low restoring forces remains uninvolved with the in what is at best approximate feedback.

Added to this are the unpredictable reactions of the other road users. Either out of fear or pure disbelief, you receive wide-eyed glances from oncoming cars, while pedestrians and cyclists simply stand and stare. This is down not only to the aggressive-looking front panel with 30 LED daytime running lights, but, most of all, to the apocalyptic thunderstorm from the Brabus valve exhaust system. This can be neatly switched to quiet on the multi-function steering wheel, and then is just that. But this Brabus 700 6x6, well: it appeals to our most base instincts.

Brabus 700 6x6 with a huge sound

And so the valves remain open. The clattering V8 rumble now follows each press of the accelerator, with a wanton groan and splutter when lifting off. With this, you can make sure you are heard in Downtown Detroit, Dubai or St. Petersburg. And the sound of the Brabus 700 6x6 is not just hot air: full throttle not only means energetic revving into the 6,000 rpm region, but also 0 to 100 in 7,4 seconds.

What already seems really fast in a compact car, has its very own sense of drama in the Brabus 700 6x6. For no sooner have you clambered up behind the wheel via the electrically unfolding boarding aid (really practical, but not cheap at 10,591 Euros per side, including an exhaust system) and the further elevated footboard, than your thoughts turn to the sedate utility vehicle categories. Your eyes and hands, on the other hand tell of the luxury class, triggered by the leather and Alcantara. This may mess with your head, as utility vehicles are ultimately slow and lewd, whereas luxury is fast and sensitive.

Brabus has packed everything that is good and expensive into our 700 6x6, and therefore the price of the test car will have you gasping for air: the change from 600,000 Euros will only cover a new Dacia Sandero, with a well negotiated dealer discount. This Brabus 700 6x6 will definitely belong to someone else if the world were to end in the near future. But, perish the thought, we would certainly like to have him as a friend.



Beate Jeske


14 October 2015
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